How can we kill Coronavirus?

There are three stages at which microbes can be killed:
  1. Before it enters your body - by prevention measures: And, it is quite simple. Keep your hands clean - use warm water and soap to wash them frequently.  This is presently the best way to kill coronavirus and save yourself. Click here for details on how it helps!
  2. While it is entering your body - by vaccination: This is how we protect ourselves against some of the most dangerous diseases - whether it is polio or measles. It would be ideal if all of us could be vaccinated against Coronavirus. It would allow us to be carefree. But, unfortunately, there is still no vaccine that has crossed the development and testing phases yet. So we have to wait.
  3. After it has entered your body - by treatment: Once you are sick, you have to get treatment. There is no other way. Unfortunately, we still don't have a proven treatment for Coronavirus. A medicine called Hydroxychloroquine is currently undergoing clinical trials in the US, but there is still some time before it can be confirmed to be the cure.
Even if we soon find a medicine to cure Coronavirus related issues, the risk is too high. It would be best for us to get vaccinated whenever the vaccine is created. And, till then, it is best to take preventive measures - wash your hands - click here for details on how it helps!

Virus Corona World - Free image on Pixabay

Trivia: Technically speaking a virus can only be activated/dectivated. It is not killed.
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