Social Media: Real-Time Dashboards, Support Groups and Helplines

Social Media Based Apps and Dashboards

The following dashboards help with real-time crowdsourced updates based on social media posts. While the dashboards are useful, please use the information carefully, and stay cautious of people with vested interests.

Note: Considering most of these dashboards are linked to Twitter we can expect the information to be more or less the same. Therefore, you can try them - and just pick one which you feel more comfortable using to save time.

Social Media Channels, Groups and Pages

The following Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram groups/channels have been created/are working to support with the Covid crisis.

Coronavirus Resource Center is our official Telegram channel. Please subscribe for regular updates.

Note: The following are social media groups and may involve people with vested interests. Please tread with caution, and do not pay in advance without proper due diligence.

Covid help on Social Media

Disclaimer: This is a crowdsourced list. PsychoTech Services is not responsible for any adverse outcomes from joining or participating in the above groups.